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Companies registered in Umm al-Quwain by LAVECO Ltd. are not Offshore Companies, but Free Trade Zone Companies or Onshore Companies within Ummal-Quwain Free Trade Zone, attracting high levels of prestige internationally. Ummal-Quwain offers political and economic stability with a business friendly attitude;transparent laws and regulations; fixed exchange rate against US dollar; 100% foreign ownership; 100% repatriation of capital & profit; exempt from import/export customs duties within the Free Zone; no capital tax; liberal labour laws; norestrictions on hiring expatriate personnel.

The UAE is an extremely attractivejurisdiction, with a very good reputation and strategic location. The UAE is neitheron the OECD “blacklist” of tax havens, nor the FATF “black list”.

Disadvantages: The UAE is not a member of the Hague Convention on International Authentication. Corporate documents cannot be certified with Apostille. However,it is possible to have corporate documents certified by foreign consulates or byApostille in other countries. Documentation can be notarised by a Notary Public in the Emirates.
Method of incorporation / registration The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed by the Subscriber.
Company legal form Private Limited Company by Shares
Company status Free Zone Company
Source of corporate legislation Government of Um al-Quwain governed by Emiri Decree No. (2) / 2005
Possible suffixes to company name Free Zone Company, FZC
Time required for incorporation 2 to 3 Weeks dependent on all the required documentation
Number of directors 
Minimum one of any nationality
Number of shareholders Minimum one of any nationality; can be individuals or companies or a combinationof both.
Capitalisation AED 300,000 (paid up is not required)
Accounting / reporting requirements Required, but not filed with an authority, there is no audit requirement, except liquidation.
Type of shares Registered.
Annual tax and duties Price on request / Árajánlat kérésre / Цена по запросу
Information publicly available Registered Office and Registered Agent.
Disclosure of beneficiaries Not required for Public Records.
Registered office Local Registered Office required by law within the Free Zone.
Registered secretary / agent Free Zone rules and UAE labour law.
Double tax treaty

The UAE has signed Tax Agreements with over 40 Jurisdictions.




Visa Application Form

Duly filled and signed by shareholder / manager
Copy of incorporation docs. Trade License /Cert. of incorporation /License (2nd page), Establishment Card
Passport copy Clear colour scan
Last availed visa copy Clear colour scan copy with entry stamp & visa page (on arrival/transit/visit/tourist/residence)
Passport sized photographs 6 No.s (White background)
Personnel Secondment form Duly filled and signed (For employee Visa only)
Employment Contract Duly filled and signed (For employee Visa only)
Offer Letter On company letter head (For employee visa only)
Qualification Certificate Attested from the UAE embassy in the respective country and MoFA in the UAE (Forall visa positions from Accountant to Director)

1. Submission of documents and payment after obtaining the Est. Card from GDRFA.

2. Once the Entry permit is issued, applicant will have to go through the Medical and Emirates ID process along with the exit &entry.

3. After completion of the above, all original documents including EID application form, Medical report, Original entry permit andOriginal passport to be submitted to the UAQ FTZ authority for stamping of visa on the passport.

Note: For number of visas exceeding a total 5 under one license, a deposit is chargeable on all availed employee visas under the license.



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 Thank you!